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Divorce Mistakes

5 Common Divorce Mistakes To Avoid

The end of a marriage is extremely painful in itself, however, some common divorce mistakes make it even worse. While some painful moments of splitting –like losing one’s house, kids, pet, furniture or other important assets- are mostly unavoidable, arguing over other legal issues is avoidable.

To prevent the divorce from causing more pain and getting all ugly, below are 5 common divorce mistakes to avoid:

1. DO NOT Act Out Of Anger

stay calm

Emotions may be quite intense during this period; nevertheless acting on them can cause irreversible damage. The key to a fast and effective divorce is communication. The essential thing a person can do during the entire proceeding is to keep calm.

When one is angry, stressed, anxious or aiming at revenge, the capability of making sound decisions is compromised. Nonetheless, when one is calm and relaxed, they can make rational decisions and foresee how sudden actions can have an impact on them in the long run.

Keeping a clear head during a divorce can help the process run smooth and avoid spending much.

2. Avoid Keeping Secrets From Your Attorney

attorney client privilege

The purpose of a divorce lawyer is to advise and protect an individual during divorce. Hiding crucial information from the attorney can have a negative effect on the divorce process.

A lot of secrets come out in the process of divorce, so telling the lawyer of a criminal record or secret accounts can be helpful. When the divorce attorney is aware of all secrets, he/she can plan ahead on how to address the issues instead of getting surprises during the proceedings.

3. DO NOT Comply With All Requests And Demands Presented By The Other Spouse

During the divorce process, one must be careful of every decision they make. When not certain what to do next or feeling overwhelmed, get help from the attorney. It’s vital to keep off a demanding spouse from compelling one into reconciliation or settling agreements when that is not what they want.

Doubts and uncertainties during divorce are normal, but AVOID giving in to unreasonable demands and requests just to get a spouse back.

4. Consider Getting An Inventory Of Marital Assets Before Settling The Case

Several couples have an excellent working relationship even during divorce proceedings. All the same, do not settle the case without having a written inventory of all marital assets. The list should consist of:

  • Divorce settlement conceptOwned or rented cars
  • Real estates both separately or jointly-owned
  • Private items of considerable value such as computers, televisions or furnishings.
  • Retirement pensions
  • Life insurance policies
  • Credit or bank accounts
  • Brokerage joint funds or accounts
  • Huge tax balances, debts such as car loans, mortgage, student loans and credit card balances.

Getting an inventory of all marital assets can help in a fair separation of assets and aid in preventing fraud. When the settlement agreement is over and one discovers secret accounts, with the help of an inventory list, they can claim the full “hidden” account balance.

5. DO NOT Allow The Divorce Attorney Make All The Decisions

A divorce attorney can be an essential asset in the divorce process. A great lawyer gives advice on the lasting effects of divorce decisions and prepares the client for depositions, mediation or court processes.

It’s critical to heed the attorney’s advice; one should avoid stalking their ex or humiliating them on social platforms. Conversely, it is also critical to not allow the attorney make all the life decisions.

For instance, if a person is not interested in keeping the marital home or fighting for the custody of the children, they should not permit the lawyer to change their decision. Although, lawyers can offer proper legal advice; what seems good for one individual may not be good for the other. Listen to the advice, but make own decisions.


If the two spouses are in talking terms, they will probably agree on several issues concerning their divorce. But due to the fact that divorce is difficult, misunderstandings and miscommunications are quite normal. The couple can consider getting a mutual, neutral friend or a mediator.